What’s Victoria’s Secret’s Secret? Targeting Guys Who Feel Uncomfortable Around Bras

According to one former employee.

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Robert Alexander / Getty Images

If you’re a man, and you walk into a Victoria’s Secret, you probably feel a little uncomfortable. There are just so many bras, and there is nothing that terrifies men more than bras.

But here’s the thing: the employees know you feel awkward, and they’ve reportedly been trained to capitalize on it.

A former salesperson told Business Insider that she was specifically instructed to treat male and female customers differently. “The general feeling about men is that they would buy anything in order to get out of the store as quickly as possible,” the worker said. “That means they would spend more money.”

Women usually feel just fine — or even, at times, positively gleeful — within the confines of the store, so employees assume they’re most focused on value and tend to tell them about special deals and promotions. Men, however, are much more likely to buy full-priced items because they’re focused less on value and more on, you know, just getting the hell out of there.

Often, the former employee said, “Men would buy a couple of $50 bras without questioning us because they felt awkward.”

In this sense, men were such great customers that salespeople would even fight over them like they were a big ol’ bag of money. Awkward, uncomfortable money that feels weird around all the giant posters of boobs and just wants to get the hell outta there.