Apparently McDonald’s Thinks Its Employees Have Swimming Pools and Nannies

The fast-food giant gave some spectacularly optimistic tipping advice on its employee website

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In a post on its employee website, McDonald’s gave some particularly tone-deaf holiday tipping advice to its employees, suggesting what they might give to an au pair or a pool cleaner as a holiday bonus.

The tipping guide, drawn from the work of etiquette guru Emily Post, suggests giving an au pair “a gift from your family (one week’s pay), plus a small gift from your child,” CNBC reports. A pool cleaner should get the cost of one cleaning, and a housekeeper one day’s pay. Other suggestions include what to give garage attendants, massage therapists and personal fitness trainers. All this while fast-food workers, who earn an average of $9 an hour, went on strike across the country Thursday seeking an increase in minimum wage to $15 an hour.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told CNBC in an email: “This is content provided by a third-party partner and quotes from one of the best-known etiquette gurus, Emily Post. We continue to review the resource and will ask the vendor to make changes as needed.”

Maybe this is just McDonald’s way of expressing support for a wage increase. How many au pairs can you hire on a $15-an-hour wage?

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