This Has to Be the Biggest Rubik’s Cube Ever

Building-size levels

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Courtesy of Javier Lloret

What could you do with a 3-D printer, a Bluetooth connection, and a handful of tools? To a Spanish artist and designer, the answer was obvious: Build a giant, interactive Rubik’s Cube on the facade of a building.

Javier Lloret built the Puzzle Facade in Linz, Austria, which just may be the largest interactive Rubik’s Cube ever. By connecting small, 3-D-printed cubes to an interactive core, the artist is able to control an LED light interface on the facade of a building via a laptop computer that holds the game’s software. The up-side: really cool display of the intersection between technology and art. The downside: now everyone can see how terrible you are at Rubik’s Cube.

Unless, of course, you’re this guy.

Check out a video on what the Puzzle Facade looks like in action below.