Facebook Experimenting With a ‘Sympathize’ Button

You wouldn't have to awkwardly 'like' sad statuses anymore

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Duncan Chard / Bloomberg

Journalists sit in front of an illuminated "like" logo from the Facebook Inc. social network website during a news conference.

Facebook is considering adding a less cheery alternative to its “like” button: a “sympathize” button.

The social network has been toying with this option, which was devised at a Facebook hackathon, a Facebook engineer said Thursday, according to The Huffington Post. Here’s how it could work: if you were to tag your status with a negative emotion (from Facebook’s lists of feelings), the “sympathize” button would automatically replace the “like button.”

And as much as we all want one, it seems Facebook is just never going to add a “dislike” button. (Basically, we are all Gretchen Weiners and Mark Zuckerberg is Regina George and he’s saying, “Stop trying to make a “dislike” button happen. It’s not going to happen.”)

The “sympathize” feature isn’t making its way to the site “yet,” said a Facebook spokesperson. Until then, we’ll just carry on with awkward silences.

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