Waitress Loses Job After Allegedly Forging Anti-Gay Note

Donors to Dayna Morales's cause have also received refunds

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A 22-year-old New Jersey waitress and former Marine who alleged she was denied a tip because her customers didn’t approve of her lifestyle has been let go from the restaurant where she worked.

Following an internal investigation into the allegations, the Gallop Asian Bistro, located in Bridgewater, N.J., announced Dayna Morales’ termination on FacebookCNN reports.

Morales initially claimed that a family of four refused to leave a tip on a $93.55 bill, and that they wrote a hateful note on the receipt, which she posted on the “Have a Gay Day” Facebook page:

The story quickly gained traction across the web, sparking an outpouring of sympathy and cash donations.

But the family came forward with a copy of the receipt, which showed they left an $18 tip and did not write a hateful note, NBC 4 New York reports. The family also claimed they had a credit card statement to back up their claims.

In the meantime, Morales received at least $3,000 from supporters around the world, which she claimed she was donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. But the organization could not confirm that Morales made any donations, Bridgewater Patch reports.

A few donors have received refunds via PayPal — though they’re not sure who is issuing them. Michael Knote, founder of the Facebook page where Morales’ story was first posted, told Good Morning America that she has since taken down her own Facebook page and he hasn’t been able to reach her.