Sick of Your Boring, Regular Baby? Then Buy This Blanket and Turn Her Into a Burrito

It costs $48, but can you really put a price on spicing up your infant's life?

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Bon Vivant Baby

The ancient art of swaddling just got a delicious, modern twist. A new product called the Tortilla Baby swaddle blanket (and matching cap) will keep your baby warm and comfy while also making him look like a human burrito.

The 40-inch round blanket is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and seriously, it looks exactly like a giant flour tortilla. The matching hat — sized for infants up to three months old — looks like the tasty folded knot that seals in a burrito’s deliciousness. Oh, and if you’ve never swaddled a baby (or rolled a burrito), fear not: the set comes equipped with detailed instructions.

The tortilla blanket is the first product launched by Bon Vivant Baby, a California-based company that creates food-inspired fashion for infants. Founder Katharine Harlan Owens tells TIME that the inspiration came after she repeatedly heard friends at baby showers referring to the “burrito” effect. That is, any average swaddle blanket makes a baby look like the tasty Mexican cuisine. Parents magazine even suggests a swaddling method called the Burrito Roll. So, Owens thought, why not get literal with it?

After developing the idea for about a year, Owens found a Los Angeles manufacturer to produce and package it, and in July, Tortilla Baby became official. “It’s just a cute fun way to make your baby look edible,” she says.

The tortilla blanket is available online for $48. Stay tuned for a sushi blanket, egg roll blanket and crepe blanket, all launching in January.