This Handsome Dude Is Searching For Love Via Twitter

But if he's a manual retweeter, forget about it, ladies.

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Forget OKCupid or or Clown Dating — why not go back to social networking basics and search for love on Twitter? That’s what one eligible bachelor in England is doing, thanks to a campaign started by his friends.

Ladies interested in 34-year-old Ralph Ferrett — who describes himself as a “CWU activist, Argyle fan, food fanatic, avid reader, tech nerd, triathalete and film lover” — can simply submit themselves for consideration using the handy hashtag #GetRalphADate. Act fast, because dozens of ladies have already begun wooing.

As so many brilliant ideas do, this all started at a pub. Ferrett’s friend Donna Galloway told the Plymouth Herald, “I was chatting with Ralph and he said, ‘You have got so many followers, I want you to help me get a date. So I said “That’s fine – I will help you get three dates in the next six months.”

It’s already taken off, Galloway said, but unfortunately, most of the interested ladies have come from faraway places like Istanbul and Dubai — and Ferrett’s not really looking for a long-distance thing. But if you’re interested, it might be worth moving to Plymouth, England, because he sounds like a real catch.

“He is a really intelligent guy, you can have a good conversation with him about politics and he is good with technology,” Galloway told the Plymouth Herald. “He has got a really good sense of humour, he is a really good cook and he is into his fitness. He is just a good bloke.”

So next time you’re thinking of joining eHarmony or Vampersonals or GlutenfreeSingles in search of a mate, maybe try checking Twitter first.