Watch Sesame Street Take On Lord of the Rings

One cookie to rule them all!

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“Precious, my Precious!”

It’s not Gollum making that desperate cry, but Gobble, a hungry Cookie Monster searching for the one dessert to rule them all.

In Sesame Street‘s latest pop parody, the children’s television show spoofs Lord of the Rings in a new video called “Lord of the Crumbs.” In the clip, Cookie Monster— complete with straggly Gollum-esque hair — has lost the sacred recipe for a legendary dessert and the only way to return the delicious concoction to Monster Earth is to remember the recipe. Will he be able to use the power of remembering to make a batch of his favorite cookies and bake them in the fires of Mount Crumb (a.k.a. the oven)? As Gandalf the Grey says: Thou Shall Pass.

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