13 Holiday Gifts for People Who Spend Way Too Much Time on the Internet

If you can even tear them away from the computer...

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Simon & Schuster

Stumped as to what to get your friends who spend way too much time glued to their computer screens? We’ve made it easy with the below gift guide for people who wish they could crawl inside the Internet. Don’t say we never did anything for ya.

The children’s book What Does The Fox Say?, illustrated lyrics to the hit viral video by Ylvis, a Norwegian comedy duo. (Amazon)

Meme tree decorations because viral trends may come and go, but ornaments are forever. (Etsy)

Official Grumpy Cat holiday cards for the Grinch in your life. (Grumpy Cat Store)

…Or if you’re more of a Lil BUB fan, these cards show the celebrity dwarf cat licking a candy cane with her signature stuck-out tongue. (Lil BUB Store)

Sriracha candy canes are a Christmas twist on the hottest flavor. (J&D’s Foods)

Honey Badger BBQ sauce with honey and habanero chili for the friends who keep saying they “don’t care” what you get them. (Firebox)

Foam Minecraft diamond sword and pickaxe so that gamers can play IRL (“in real life”) and not be anti-social in their rooms when family is over. (Think Geek)

#TheSelfie, a remote-control device, plugs into the iPhone headphone jack and helps you get the picture straight when you’re showing older relatives what a selfie is. (GabbaGoods.com)

A trip to the nearest ecoATM so that loved ones who are getting the latest mobile device for the holidays can turn in used ones at this self-serve kiosk and get cash back. (ecoATM)

Hey girl, the Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling coloring book is yet another outlet for fans of the actor to outline life with their future husband. (Urban Outfitters)

xkcd polo shirt is a web comic twist on the designer polo. (xkcd)

Customizable “Doge” t-shirt for your dog is wow, so meta, much thoughtful. (Zazzle)

Just buying and wearing this “Captcha in the Rye” sweater proves you are human. (1991Inc)