This Is the Only Christmas Song You Really Need to Listen to This Holiday Season

Although the lack of corgis is lamentable.

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Get pumped for the holidays with this glorious all-canine version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, sung by an eight-year-old boy who has trouble pronouncing the more complicated breed names. Here’s the full list of all the dogs he receives as gifts:

  • 12 Bulldogs pawing
  • 11 German Shepherds
  • 10 Labs retrieving
  • 9 poodles dancing
  • 8 pugs-a-breathing
  • 7 Brussels Griffons
  • 6 cold Chihuahuas
  • 5 Golden Retrievers
  • 4 brown pit bulls
  • 3 Frenchies
  • 2 giant dogs
  • a Siberian Husky

We’re not really sure why the breed of the “two giant dogs” is not specified, but we’re mostly concerned that his parents have not gifted him even a single corgi.