Watch Kanye West Kick a Fan Out of His Show for Questioning His Scary Mask

"Do I look like a motherf-cking comedian?"

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Kanye West was just minding his own business, performing a stadium show in Texas, when a fan did the unthinkable: She questioned his art by asking him to take off the terrifying mask he was wearing. That’s right, Ye was rapping while wearing a mask that looked part disco ball part what serial killers wear before they murder you.

Fazed, West stopped rapping to seek out the woman who had questioned his artistic vision. 

“Now, you can see my face on the internet every motherf–king day,” Kanye said, obviously still masked. “I came here, I open up a motherf–king mountain… and you tryin’ to tell me how to give you my art. Now tell me something, y’all want me to do this show the way I would do this show?”

At first things seemed cool. Kanye freestyled in auto-tune about being a Gemini like Tupac and Miles Davis. But no, the unruly fan didn’t learn her lesson. She still wanted to see Kanye’s face. So what did the musician do? With a flick of the wrist he kicked her out of the show.

“Do I look like a motherf–king comedian?” — Well, in the mask, either that or as we said A SERIAL KILLER — “Don’t fucking heckle me. I’m Kanye motherf–king West.”

West also complained about a bad sound and light team in Tampa and about only getting two Grammy nominations in Arizona, so he’s been having a rough week.