Instagram’s New Feature Might as Well Be Called ‘Direct Sext’

But unlike Snapchat, these gems can last a lifetime.

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Instagram founder Kevin Systrom introduced a new app feature Thursday morning that enables people to receive private (or “direct”) photos both from friends and complete strangers with no following affiliation. Which only means one thing:

And just two hours after Instagram ad became available, it has already begun:

But unlike Snapchat, these pictures don’t disappear in ten seconds. They can last a lifetime. You can consult Anthony Weiner to see if that is a good idea.

While nudity and spam already abound on Instagram, even though it’s against the rules, you had to follow someone to see those images. Now they come to you! (Although you do have to approve a post request from someone who you don’t already follow and block them if you didn’t like what you saw… and never ever ever want to see it again.)

Instagram suggests, “Ignore people you don’t want to hear from. If you want to ignore all messages from someone you follow, you can always tap the “. . .” in your direct posts  and select the option to Ignore All from that person.”

But remember, just because you know someone doesn’t mean that they want to see your penis. Let’s keep it to french bull dogs and brunch entrees, please.