Watch Grumpy Cat Hate on Christmas in New Music Video

Because of course she would.

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Don’t expect Grumpy Cat to spread any holiday cheer.

The frowning feline now stars in a new music video called “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas,” alongside other Internet cats like Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat (known for a white mustache), and Colonel Meow, the Guinness World Record holder for longest cat hair (nine inches).

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The title of the song and cheesy lyrics suggest the holidays are a tough time to be a cat, but then there are two cats having a great time playing on top of wrapping paper. Also between Grumpy Cat’s coffee line, book, and gig as the Friskies “spokescat”, she can probably afford to host a pretty awesome Christmas.

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That said, the cat food company is giving away a can of wet cat food for every view this YouTube clip gets (up to 500,000), making everyone feel slightly less guilty about watching cat videos.

Below, see how Grumpy Cat managed to make Santa, the happiest figure in the world, frown during the premiere of the video at Capitol Records in Los Angeles last night.


Bret Hartman / AP / Friskies

And is there some sort of cat fight going on between Grumpy Cat and Colonel Meow? They can’t even look at each other!


Bret Hartman / AP / Friskies