This Is How the Internet Reacted to Beyoncé’s Amazing Surprise Album Drop

Queen B reigns.

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Late last night, her highness Beyoncé shocked the Internet by dropping an entire full-length album complete with videos for every single song. It was a total surprise and a brilliant marketing ploy. Instead of spending months pulling cheesy stunts in an effort to build buzz, Beyoncé recognized what she had all along: our complete, unwavering attention and undying dedication to her dazzling artistry. Or something.

Also, the whole thing was so huge it crashed iTunes.

Here are some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the big news.

This guy has his priorities straight:

So does she:

Little shade for the other Destiny’s Child members:

And Jay Z:

And poor Tay Tay!

Lest you thought it was just normals tweeting about Beyonce, celebrities also jumped in on the fray. Demi Lovato appeared to have some sort of Beyhive induced stroke.

Other celebs soon followed:

Of course, not everyone was delighted by the surprise.

And here’s a fan who is SUPER pissed that Beyonce didn’t alert them before dropping the album.

Good night.