Obama Gets the Fake Sign Language Interpreter Treatment on SNL

With additional jabs at his selfie with the Danish prime minister

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Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live opened with an address from President Obama. On the agenda: the slew of controversies from Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. “I feel like Lemony Snicket,” Jay Pharoah, SNL’s chief POTUS impersonator, said, “because I experienced a series of unfortunate events.” These included getting roped into taking a selfie with the Danish prime minister, getting caught shaking hands with Raul Castro, and finally, the now-infamous bogus sign language interpreter.

And that’s when the sketch got interesting.

Obama’s speech gets a better version of the sign language interpreter: he’s also an interpretive dancer (played by Kenan Thompson). When Obama begins discussing the health care website, and admits he hasn’t been “entirely thrilled” with the results, we’re treated to the “Thriller” dance.

An extra-special bonus: Angela Merkel appears (played by Kate McKinnon) to convince Obama to take a selfie with her: “I feel like you kind of owe me after the whole wire-tapping mein cell phone thing.”