Woman Leaves Accidental Voicemail That Includes Her Adorably Serenading Her Dog or Child

Best. Mistake. Ever.

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Accidentally leaving someone a voicemail when you thought you’d already hung up can be utterly disastrous, but in this case, it was utterly magnificent. Thankfully, an anonymous tipster shared with Deadspin the audio of one such message. It features a woman — who works as a recruiter in an unknown industry — singing a ridiculously affectionate song to someone who is probably her dog, but could also be a child or a hamster or an inanimate object. These details are unknown. Just use your imagination. Here’s the full transcript of her loving song:

Oh, cutie that you are, because you’re so precious.
Come here!
Come here, my little monkey!
My little bear, oh, will you stop it? You’re just crazy.
I love my little beary-kins. You can stay here!
You’re in demand, my little boo-boo.
You’re in demand, my little beary-babe.
You’re in demand, my little bear-bear.
You’re so sweet, my little carebear.
My little carebear.
[kissing noises]
I love my little beary-boy.
He’s a baby!
He’s a baby boy.
[kissing noises]

Listen to the full message over at Deadspin.