Man Raps about His Vasectomy in Viral Christmas Card Video

TMI buddy.

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You may know families who send holiday cards bragging about each person’s accomplishments in the past year, but how often do you get one that says someone just got a vasectomy in the form of a viral video?

WNCN news anchor Penn Holderness and his family in Raleigh, N.C., recently released a viral video of the crew dancing in Christmas-themed pajamas (“Xmas Jammies”) with red and green stripes. With more than 700,000 views at the time of drafting this post, the video boasts raps about 4-year-old son Penn Charles’s school recital, 6-year-old daughter Lola’s ability to count to 100 in Chinese, and wife Kim’s recent part in Iron Man 3. They also pester a “hipster” at a local bar.

On his recent surgery, Penn points to an empty seat in a stroller and sings, “There’s room for child number three, but I can’t. I just had a vasectomy. Recovery went easier in these jammies!”

His wife caps off the clip by announcing that he is leaving his job as a news anchor next month so that the two can focus on running their own video production company. “It’s the biggest decision of his life,” she sings. “He’s going to quit his job and come work with his wife.”