Watch This Incredible Video Of An Airport Security Guard Coming Out of Nowhere To Save a Falling Baby

They do more than make you throw away your water bottles

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To all those who have given airport security the stink eye, may we refer you to the above video, in which a guard literally dives out of nowhere to save a man’s falling baby, inches before the boy hits the ground.

The CCTV footage was taken on Nov. 23 in Katowice Airport in Poland but was only recently released to the public. Security guard Grzegorz Paczko told Polish news station TVN24 that he was five meters (about 16 feet) away when he noticed the baby begin to teeter off the edge of a table as his father was putting on his jacket.

An airport spokesperson noted that security does more than just confiscate dangerous objects — so remember this next time you begrudgingly have to throw away your Diet Coke before you were done with it.