Hold Onto Your Butts: A Real Life Jurassic Park Is Officially Open

Brought to you by the same guy who's creating an exact replica of the Titanic, obviously.

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Universal / Getty Images

Sam Neill covers the mouth of Ariana Richards in a scene from the film 'Jurassic Park', 1993.

Forget about Napoleonland or Dickens World. The only theme park you need to visit ever again is Palmersaurus, the dinosaur-themed wonderland that opened this week in Australia.

Seemingly inspired by Jurassic Park, this lavish attraction comes to us from Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer, who also happens to be the guy who’s working on an exact replica of the Titanic. The park features more than 160 dinosaurs that move and do other dinosaur-ish things like roar, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Some of the prehistoric creatures are as long as 72 feet and as tall as 32 feet.

Unfortunately, Palmer never did clone that dinosaur we were so excited about.

Palmer, who boasts an estimated net worth of $895 million, has so much money that apparently he’s not aware of how much he ultimately pumped into this project. He does know the admission fee, though: $100 (AUS) for a family of four. (That’s about $89 USD.)

But can you really put a price on bringing your favorite dinosaur movie to life? The answer is no, no you cannot.