Watch Netflix’s Nail-Biting Movie Trailer for a Yule Log

Taking the inner-workings of your fireplace seriously so you don't have to.

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Netflix has released an over-dramatic movie trailer to promote its version of the Yule Log, Fireplace For Your Home.

“A classic tale of logs and fire like you’ve never seen it before,” according to the YouTube description, the video boasts emotional reviews like, “I cried when the fire spread to the other log.”

Then, a mockumentary on the making of the trailer shows a classic overbearing, perfectionist director in a Burberry knockoff scarf hand-picking the logs and putting his ear to each one in search of wood that makes the best crackling sound. “In order for the log to become something else, it has to destroy itself in the process to be born again,” the character says, not taking himself too seriously at all.


However, the best blurb for this Yule Log is on Fireplace For Your Home‘s Netflix page: “I found the performances to be rather wooden. But there was no denying the heat between the characters.”

(h/t Entertainment Weekly)