TLC’s Newest TV Show Will Make You Want to Be Celibate

This is not a drill, people. This is real.

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Remember when TLC shows were all super serious and educational? That’s okay, we don’t really either, but we assume that somewhere down the line, The Learning Channel’s programming involved more learning.

But these days, TLC is all about shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Cake Boss. And now, the network is adding another very special and maybe-not-super-learning-focused show called “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” premiering Dec. 28.

The New York Post provides a glimpse into the show with the story of a 440-pound guy named Gregg Casarona who sent his girlfriend to the emergency room the first time he attempted sex. It’s actually a pretty harrowing tale, rife with drama and suspense, so maybe “Sex Sent Me to the ER” will actually be fun to watch.

Casarona’s story will be featured in the show’s premiere, accompanied by a dramatic reenactment, so that’s something else to look forward to once the holidays are over.