A Little Girl Sent Her Dead Grandmother a Message in a Balloon to Heaven…and Got a Response

Just your afternoon "awww."

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Eight-year-old Bella was sad when her great grandmother died last year, “the last day I got to see her, it was a really special day to me, because I knew that she was going to go to Heaven,” she told Chapel Hill, TN’s KLTV.

One year later, Bella decided to commemorate Mawmaw by sending her a note in a balloon with the message, “Come and visit me sometime.”

Monday, four months months after Bella launched the balloon in the air, she received a simple note and small box, filled with a locket holding a portion of the balloon. The note read, “Dearest Bella, Mawmaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her. Love, your guardian angel.”

“I have no idea [who sent it],” said Tricia Hosford, Bella’s mother. “No idea.” But if the sender does come forward, then Bella has a surprise for her guardian angel.

“I would walk up to them and hug them on their neck and tell them thank you.”