Cops Bust Drug Dealers With 1,250 Bags of Heroin Labeled “Obamacare”

Genius branding.

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Black tar heroin

Massachusetts State Troopers found 1,250 small bags of heroin labeled “Obamacare” at a traffic stop on Interstate 91 Friday.

Four people are charged with drug trafficking after a police dog named Frankie located the massive amount of heroin. The vehicle was pulled over after numerous traffic violations, and troopers soon discovered that the driver did not have a license.

A State Police spokesman said that the huge red “Obamacare” lettering may have been a way to brand the drugs so that buyers know what they are getting.

All four suspects were arraigned Friday, and not guilty pleas were entered for all of them.

But why label the drugs Obamacare, of all things? If you’re gonna name your drugs, why don’t you pick an iconic brand name, like Adidas, or name it after a loved one, like Carol? On the other hand, this is genius; they named the drugs after something nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole.