This Man Recorded a Second of His Life Every Day for a Year

Last December, he started recording a second a day, every day.

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If you thought your life was boring, wait until you get a glimpse of Matt Skuta’s. On Dec. 18, 2012,  the University of Oklahoma student decided to begin recording a second of his life every day, and he’s still at it. “If I’m trying to convey anything, it’s that life goes by incredible fast,” Skuta told Mashable earlier this summer.

In the 6 minute and 45 second video above, the 21-year-old drives to school, plays with his dogs, attends football games and appears to have a terrible diet consisting mainly of pizza, Friendly’s, Texas toast and a variety of food items he eats straight from the can. In one particularly dull snippet, water comes to a boil. The most dramatic second: when Skuta gets stitches on his chin after a nasty bike accident.

As John Lennon once observed, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.