Justin Timberlake Rocks SNL With Seizure-Inducing Laser Light Show

He's come a long, long way since 'N Sync

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SNL brought out the big guns for this week’s musical guest Justin Timberlake, offering a high-tech laser light show to accompany the singer’s performance of “Only When I Walk Away.” Once you get past the fact that that the light show is kind of reminiscent of an old Microsoft screen saver, the performance is solid and full of energy, with JT showing off plenty of dance moves.

Later in the night, Timberlake changed up the vibe with a mellow, acoustic performance of his ballad “Pair of Wings.”

These performances should serve as a reminder of just how far JT has come. Take a moment to remember his ‘N Sync days, when he used to be this. Never forget, friends. Never forget.