11 Super Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Won’t Require You to Set Foot in a Store

And nobody has to know you almost forgot to get them something.

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If Christmas just kind of snuck up on you this year and you’re unprepared for the epic day of gift-giving, don’t panic. Whether you forgot just one person on your list or completely put off all of your shopping until the very last minute, we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 gift ideas that won’t make you pay any expedited delivery fees, don’t require going to any stores, and, best of all, won’t make it obvious that you totally waited until the last minute.

Bacon (or Cheese or Whiskey) of the Month Club: This year, give the gift of deliciousness. A variety of clubs will send monthly shipments of treats right to your loved one’s door. And if somebody on your list doesn’t like bacon, cheese OR whiskey, you might want to reevaluate why they’re in your life at all. (Pig Next Door Bacon Club: $185 for six months; Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club: $32.95 per month; Taster’s Club Bourbon of the Month: $83 per month)

Netflix, Hulu or Spotify subscription: For that person who’s always mooching off your streaming TV, movie and music services: just go ahead and get them their own. (Netflix: $47.94 for six months; Hulu Plus: $47.94 for six months; Spotify Premium: $59.94 for six months)

Maid service: Paying to have someone’s house cleaned for them is actually a really beautiful gift, and they’ll be grateful to kick off the new year with a tidy home. (Molly Maid: Gift cards available starting at $100)

Concert tickets: It’s always fun to treat someone to a concert you know they’d want to attend — or force them to accompany you to a show that YOU really want to attend. (Ticketmaster: Gift cards available starting at $25; “gift tickets” option available)

Yoga classes: For that aspiring yogi who just hasn’t found the motivation to actually begin, why not give a head start? There are plenty of classes available online, but you can also search for studio classes in your area. (YogaGlo: $18 per month for online membership; CorePower Yoga: Gift cards available for local studio classes)

Donate to a cause: Instead of giving a gift, you can donate money in someone’s honor to a cause you know is important to them. If you’re not sure which cause to choose, we suggest donating to families in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan. (International Rescue Committee: Minimum donation of $10)

BarkBox: For the dog owners on your list, try this monthly shipment of canine treats, toys and hygiene products. (BarkBox: $114 for six months)

A massage: For the person who could really use some relaxation, but would rarely think to treat themselves with a trip to the spa. Feel free to shout “TREAT YO SELF” when they receive the gift. (Spafinder: Gift cards available starting at $25)

Skydiving: A fun surprise for the daredevil in your life. Search for a skydiving facility in your area and be sure to ask if they’re offering any holiday specials. (Skydive Philadelphia: $149 Christmas special; Skydive Chicago: Prices vary, gift certificates available; Sky Diving Los Angeles: Prices vary, gift certificates available)

Magazine subscription: Always a reliable choice. Who doesn’t like getting magazines? Just make sure you don’t sign someone up for a publication they already receive. (TIME: $30 for one-year print and digital subscription; Sports Illustrated: $39 for one-year print and digital subscription; Food & Wine: $19.99 for one-year print and digital subscription)

BEYONCÉ: Last but obviously not least: buy your friends and family Queen Bey’s new surprise album, and then make them spend the day watching the videos with you over and over. (iTunes: $15.99)