Radio Station Grants Mother’s Christmas Wishes Two Years after Death

The wife and mother of four wanted three requests fulfilled when her husband found a life partner.

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This holiday season, a local radio station has helped carry out the final wishes of a wife and mother of four in Des Moines, Iowa, who passed away two years ago at 46, CNN and the Des Moines Register report.

When Brenda Schmitz was dying of stage 4 ovarian cancer, she addressed a letter to Star 102.5 FM’s Christmas Wish program in August 2011 and instructed an anonymous friend to give it to the station only when her husband, David, found a new wife who would help raise their four sons.

A few months ago, David asked Jayne Abraham to marry him. A week-and-a-half ago, the station received the letter, and on Dec. 19, host Colleen Kelly broadcasted Schmitz’s three requests: a spa day for David’s fiancé, a “magical trip” for the whole family, and a night out “full of drinks, food and fun” for the nurses and doctors who took care of Brenda and all of the other cancer patients at Mercy Medical Center. Full text of the letter is embedded on the Des Moines Register‘s website as well.

Star 102.5 FM and local businesses are fulfilling all three wishes and have booked the family a vacation to Disney World. As the Iowa newspaper reports, “David said he hopes the story can help other people who have lost loved ones to ‘know someone is watching out for them, giving them guidance.’”