The 5 Best Viral Videos of December

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‘Tis the season to get into the Christmas spirit, but that mood can easily be dampened by travel delays and gnarly weather. So Canadian airline WestJet tried to be one of the bearers of joy this holiday by letting fliers to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas — and then making those wishes come true. One passenger got a big screen TV, proving sometimes it pays to dream big. An American filmmaker had a similarly lofty dream when he repurposed a movie ad budget to help victims of the Philippines typhoon, with the studio’s permission. And our funny bones received some additional holiday cheer as Rebecca Black, the now-16-year-old singer behind the awesomely bad 2011 hit “Friday,” returned to the microphone. Her newest track? “Saturday.” Yes, it’s still as cheesy as the first one. Watch above for these and our other favorite videos of the month.