Winnipeg’s New Year’s Was Literally as Cold as a Barren Alien Wasteland

A cold front plummeted the city into temperatures colder than Mars

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Brent Lewin / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Buildings stand in the skyline of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Correction appended, Jan. 2

Anyone complaining about the temperature at Times Square on New Year’s Eve officially has nothing to whine about anymore. According to the Manitoba Museum, the daytime high temperature in Winnipeg, Canada, on New Year’s Eve was colder than the surface of Mars.

On Tuesday, the Mars Curiosity Rover recorded a maximum temperature of –20ºF (-29ºC), while the daytime high in Winnipeg on New Year’s Eve was -24ºF (-31ºC), the CBC reports. With the windchill, the temperature was more like -40ºF (-40ºC) to -58ºF (-50C), cold enough to freeze exposed skin in five minutes.

The temperature in Winnipeg today was a downright balmy — and take note of the positive digit — 12ºF (-11ºC) while Mars is still at yesterday’s high of -20ºF (-29ºC).

Somehow being colder than a barren planet in outer space isn’t enough to set a record. The coldest-ever New Year’s Eve in recorded Winnipeg history was -100ºF (-37.8ºC), in 1967.

Correction: This article originally misstated the temperature of the coldest day ever. The temperature of the coldest New Year’s Eve was -100ºF in 1967.