Tumblr Asks Students to Sum Up Their Theses in One Sentence and The Results Are Hilarious

"Basically, Beyoncé can do anything."—History/Study of Women and Gender, Smith College

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A Tumblr that crowdsources one-sentence summaries of undergraduate and graduate theses is going viral because misery loves company. Angela Frankel, a senior at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, started “LOL My Thesis” in Dec. 2013 “as a means of procrastination from my own thesis” (as you can probably tell).

Our favorites so far:

  • “If you want to lose your faith in God, study religion.”—Theology, Boston College
  • “I spent 372 pages describing what Kafka meant by everything he didn’t write.”—Humanities, University of Louisville
  • “I made a movie and a cat was in the movie and the cat wouldn’t look at the camera so I yelled at the cat.”—Film, Northwestern University
  • “Your final is to fix this failing business. Normally they would pay you, but we’ve volunteered your services. If you fail, they lose everything; no pressure.”Marketing, Arizona State University
  • “I killed a bunch of zebrafish embryos and shot lasers at them to figure out where a protein was. It’s everywhere.”—Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • “My invasive fruit flies won’t have sex for me.”—Botany/Entomology, New College of Florida
  • “Crack was indeed whack.”History, Columbia University
  • “Numbers either exist, or they don’t. Depends on how you look at it.”—Philosophy, Reed College
  • “Basically, Beyoncé can do anything.”—History/Study of Women and Gender, Smith College