This Sony Camera Commercial Is Kind of Like Gravity in Real Life

Except with less Sandra Bullock and more marketing

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Sometimes it feels like advertisers are solely trying to convince us that we’re not smart/cool/pretty/interesting enough and we need to buy their products to change that. But then a commercial like this one — advertising Sony’s new Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R cameras — comes along and reminds us that commercials can, at times, be a beautiful art form.

To complete this surreal, minute-long video, Sony sent a team of skydivers about 15,000 feet into the atmosphere and then filmed their descent in slow-motion. This behind-the-scenes video explains the whole process:

“What we’re trying to achieve here is a feeling that the actors are weightless,” director Jeff Gaunt explains. The goal was to emphasize the lightness of the cameras. That might not be clear to the viewer, but who cares? Either way, the video is impressive and totally stunning.

(h/t The Verge)