ICYMI: Ben & Jerry’s Makes a Marijuana Joke

The week's honorable mentions

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[tweet https://twitter.com/benandjerrys/statuses/418849733851885568]

As Colorado residents hit up the nation’s first legal recreational marijuana stores this week, Ben & Jerry’s tweeted a sweet ice cream joke that has gone viral. (The Huffington Post)

Before expensive mats and accessories made yoga chic, religious ascetics may have practiced some form of it in North India as early as the fifth century B.C., according to “the first major art survey in the United States to tackle the subject” at the Smithsonian Institution’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington D.C. (New York Times)

A woman in the Toronto area reportedly gave birth to twins, with one born on New Year’s Eve, just before 2013 ended at midnight, and another born just 38 seconds into 2014. (CTV News)

Some parts of Canada are reportedly colder than Mars. (CBC)

How Netflix figures out what people want to watch, featuring an interactive genre generator based on the streaming service’s 76,897 “micro-genres.” (The Atlantic)

One artist turned Google Street view errors into stunning works of art. (Mashable)

Lastly, because it’s Friday, here’s a baby riding on a Roomba. (CNN)