Ohio College Bans Fraternity After Hazing Costs Pledge a Testicle

Tyler Lawrence was struck with "a towel fashioned as a weapon"

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Frat Party
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In a rather ballsy move, Wilmington College in Ohio will no longer recognize the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity after hazing rituals led to a pledge losing a testicle, the Smoking Gun reports.

Members of the fraternity, which bills itself as the oldest local fraternity in the nation, struck 19-year-old Tyler Lawrence in the testicles with “a towel fashioned as a weapon” in late November, according to a search warrant affidavit. His injuries were so severe that he eventually required surgery to remove one of his testicles.

A judicial board at the Quaker college has now ruled that the fraternity’s rights “are permanently extinguished and henceforth the college will no longer recognize” the group. The fraternity can make one final appeal to the college president, but hasn’t yet indicated whether it plans to do so.

Other hazing rituals that Lawrence and his fellow pledges endured included members rubbing Icy Hot ointment all over their naked bodies, stuffing vinegar-soaked bananas into their mouths, and forcing them to simulate intercourse with balls of stuffing.

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