Got A Naked Man Stuck In Your Washing Machine? Try Olive Oil!

It also tastes delicious.

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A man walks past an art advertising depicting a nude man, for an exhibition entitled "Naked Man" at the Leopold Museum in Vienna on October 12, 2012.

It’s well known that olive oil has many health benefits. It can help keep your aging brain sharp while lowering your risk of heart attacks, stroke, childhood asthma and even cancer. It can also get a naked man out of your washing machine.

Police in Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia, were called to the scene when a naked man got stuck inside a washing machine. The 20-year old man had been playing a classic game of nude hide and seek when he stumbled upon what seemed like an ideal hiding place — a top-loading washing machine. Unfortunately, he was unable to emerge from the washer and his partner was forced to call emergency services to rescue the man. It took emergency crews about 20 minutes to free him using the oil to lubricate his skin.

“I guess if he’s going to get into a washing machine it’s best if he has no clothes on to be able to get him out like that,”  First Constable Ingram told Yahoo! Australia. “My advice would be for people not to climb into appliances.” The presumably very embarrassed young man was sent to the hospital for observation.

In the short time that humans have lived in the year 2014, this is the second appliance-related rescue. A  girl in the US got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek, and firefighters had to use (the far more American) peanut butter before they were able to free her. In short, 2014 may be the year that the appliances finally win.

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