Here’s Alex Trebek Getting Down With His Bad Self By Rapping an Entire Category on Jeopardy!

Snoop Dogg has already expressed his excitement about this.

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If you thought Alex Trebek’s greatest skill was his mastery of the French language, you’re definitely still right, but last night we learned that the longtime Jeopardy! host has been developing another talent: rapping.

That’s right, last night’s episode featured an entire category about famous rap songs, and Trebek bravely made his way through lyrics by everyone from Grandmaster Flash to the Notorious B.I.G to the Beastie Boys.

The other important thing we learned is that Snoop Dogg — now known as Snoop Lion — apparently watches Jeopardy! One of the questions was about “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang,” a Dr. Dre track that also features Snoop, who took to his Instagram to express his delight:

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Jeopardy. Wow a nigga lyrics done went that far !!

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Naturally, everybody on the Internet got pretty excited when they heard Trebek rapping, and he became a trending topic on Twitter. Other fans, however, saw this and got worried that Trebek had died. But we’re happy to report that the veteran Jeopardy! host and budding emcee is alive and doing très bien.