Someone Wants To Make Ice Cube’s Good Day Blimp a Reality

It's gonna be a good day

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January 20, 1992 was a good day, and now a charity organization hopes to make January 20, 2014, a good day, too.

In internet lore, if not reality, Ice Cube was singing about January 20th in his now-classic track “Today Was A Good Day.” The track features several hallmarks of what the rapper considers a good day, including: the Lakers beat the SuperSonics, a lack of smog, beepers beeping and a Goodyear blimp flying over South Central calling him a pimp. Now, a group of do-gooders is trying to make that blimp a reality —for charity.

In the just launched Good Day Blimp project, four guys with no apparent affiliation with the nonprofit, Goodyear or Ice Cube, are trying to make money for a nonprofit organization called A Place Called Home, which is geared toward helping kids in South Central. In what they call an homage to the song, the self-professed “Good Day” enthusiasts are raising funds and calling in the social media troops to help convince the Goodyear corporation to fly their blimp over South Central Los Angeles on January 20, 2014.

They’re asking the Internet to help them raise money for the charity — their goal is $25,000 — on the condition that Goodyear flies the blimp. The fundraising is designed in such a way to put social pressure on Goodyear, by more or less bribing them into doing a good deed. On the Good Day Blimp website, they write “Corporations are just like us, they don’t like to do anything until it becomes really important.” If Goodyear comes through, A Place Called Home gets the much-needed donation. If they don’t come through with the blimp, there will be no money for the nonprofit, which offers educational programs, counseling and mentoring to kids age 8-21, and all investors get their money back.

To help convince Goodyear to take part in this good deed (and earn a spot in hip-hop heaven), Good Samaritans can donate to the cause in the hopes of making January 20, 2014, a good day.


h/t Buzzfeed

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