This Man Is Hanging Out in a Freezer Because It’s Warmer Than Being Outside

The big chill.

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Dave Kolpack / AP

This unidentified bicycle rider braves 24-below temperatures and minus-50 wind chills in Fargo, N.D., Monday morning Jan. 6, 2014.

To put the polar vortex in perspective: there is a man in Fargo who is finding “refuge” from the frigid weather in a freezer, North Dakota news website reports.

A frozen food and dairy manager at a Hornbacher’s store since 2005, Kevin Stoick, 57, told Inforum, “The only plus about working in the freezer is there’s no wind chill.” The temperature in that back room of the store may have been minus 10 degrees, but he said it was a break from the approximately minus 40 wind chill outside Monday afternoon.

Indeed, the temperature in Fargo lately has been colder than the North Pole, John Wheeler chief meteorologist at WDAY told the Washington Post, and overnight wind chills have even dipped down to the minus 50s, the Associated Press reports via the National Weather Service.

The freezer is also the best place to be in the summertime, Stoick joked to the news website.

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