You Can Now Use Your Car to Order Pizza

Isn't the future grand?

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Luke MacGregor / Reuters

Domino’s and Ford have teamed up to bring you the one thing you’ve always needed: a car with a built-in pizza-ordering app. Finally.

The technology — coming soon — will allow you to synch your Domino’s mobile app with your car and then place your order using voice commands. In other words, all you have to do is talk at your vehicle, and then boom, pizza. Well, first you’ll need to set up your Pizza Profile, but that doesn’t sound too difficult.

The innovation is part of a new set of apps that Ford announced at CES this week. Some of the other apps allow drivers of Sync AppLink-enabled cars to do things like reserve a parking space, let a repairman into their home, and make music playlists based on their mood, GigaOM reports. But like, obviously none of that is as exciting as using your car to order PIZZA.

We can see the future, and it tastes like heaven.