Confirmed: Teenage Boys Use Way, Way Too Much Body Spray

A total of 83 percent of teen girls say boys overdo it with the deodorant.

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Most teenage boys overuse body spray, according to 83 percent of teenage girls, 3 out of 4 teenage boys, and basically anybody with a nose.

Seven out of ten teenage boys also admitted they didn’t know how to properly apply body spray, so Old Spice made this helpful video to help younger dudes “Scent Responsibly:”

The study was conducted as part of Old Spice’s “Smelcome to Manhood” advertising/marketing campaign, and found that 45 percent of boys say they reapply body spray because they think the smell is fading. Which means an Old Spice study confirms that boys are using Old Spice¬†too much. That probably wasn’t their intention.

Moms agree, however. A total of 72 percent think overspraying is an issue, but only 26 percent think their little hunk could possibly be overusing the man-perfume.

Old Spice’s new “Momsong”ad features moms who are bummed out that Old Spice is turning their little boys into babe-magnets: