‘Keep It Sweet’ This Valentine’s Day With Handcuffs and Plan B From CVS

That's one way to celebrate.

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Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, and what better way to celebrate love than by stocking up on emergency contraceptives and kinky sex toys from your neighborhood pharmacy?

One Brooklynite tweeted this photo which he said was snapped by his sister at a South New Jersey CVS. According to her, the store’s Valentine’s Day display featured traditional cupid fare like red roses and champagne glasses, but also included more creative offerings like handcuffs and Plan B, colloquially known as the morning after pill.

CVS’s crack social media team is already on the case:

When reached for comment, CVS’s director of public relations Mike DeAngelis said they couldn’t locate the store with the supposed display but, it’s “not something that would be approved by the company.”

For shame. It’s much more creative than your typical┬ásaccharine hearts and chocolates display.