The Deep Freeze Has Inspired a Fashion Trend

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As the deep freeze lingers in the Midwest and East, several commuters in New York City and Chicago have gone to great lengths to bundle up. NewsFeed spotted one amusing trend: glasses resting on scarves wrapped around the face with coat hoods, even hoodies, pulled over the head. Bonus points if the hoods have fur trim, or if ski caps are worn underneath.

Does this getup make people appear more like subzero serial killers? Dilbert? The ironic bankrobber? Or is it simply a walking reminder of the importance of protecting the eyes from UV light — even on cloudy days and in the winter months? Of course, celebrities have long sported this look so that they can’t be easily recognized (see Rihanna in London over the summer).

Whatever you call it, it looks warm, so take note. 


Scott Olson / Getty Images

Viviane Moos / Corbis


Scott Olson / Getty Images

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Viviane Moos / Corbis


Scott Olson / Getty Images

Spencer Platt / Getty Images