Guy Builds Giant Snow Sculpture in the Hopes Of Finding a Kidney Donor

Finally, the polar vortex leads to something other than frozen misery.

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Some people build snow sculptures in the hopes of winning a competition, but one man in Minnesota built one with a very different goal: finding a kidney donor.

Jim Gorbunow, 43, underwent his first kidney transplant in 2000, but the shelf life of a transplanted kidney is only about 15 years, ABC News reports. So he knew he’d soon need another, but because he didn’t need dialysis, he was far down on the transplant waiting list. So Gorbunow’s wife, Jennie, came up with the idea of building a kidney-shaped snow sculpture on their front lawn along with a sign that read “KIDNEY WANTED,” encouraging potential donors to contact Gorbunow.

The sculpture — still standing at five-and-a-half feet and solid as a rock thanks to the whole polar vortex thing — took about four hours to complete. In the twelve days since its erection, the Gorbunows have been inundated with calls and emails from people all over the country interested in donating. Gorbunow can accept blood types A and O, either positive or negative. For more information, visit his Facebook page.

If we’ve learned anything from 30 Rock, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to help someone you love find a kidney donor: