Firefighter Puts Out Fire with Beer

Thus becoming a hero to bros everywhere

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Matthew Staver / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Raise a glass to the off-duty firefighter in Houston, Texas, who put out a truck fire with beer earlier this week.

The Houston Chronicle reports Capt. Craig Moreau and his wife were driving back from Austin Monday when he spotted the vehicle and its burning tires. He initially tried to help the driver combat the fire with a small extinguisher onboard. But when that wasn’t working, and Moreau realized the truck was carrying cans of Coors Banquet beer, he grabbed them and used the contents to snuff out the flames.

In a statement to the Houston ChronicleHouston Fire Chief Terry Garrison simply said, “I support the extinguishment of fire, no matter what the cost.”

It is not the first time fire and cheap, light beer have made headlines: In Oct. 2013, a Georgia man ran back into his burning house to save his Bud Light stash after making sure his wife and children got out safely first.