ICYMI: ‘House of Cards’ Parody and the Men Who Dress Up as Rubber Dolls

The week's honorable mentions.

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Every Friday we round up some stories you might have missed this week and publish them in one neat little post. Think of it as our gift to you, only it’s not really free because you’re repaying us in likes and shares. No…thank YOU.

Season 3 of Girls premieres Jan. 12, so above is the inevitable cat-themed parody of the hit HBO show. (Viral Viral Videos)

If you have been following the scandal over a four-day traffic jam organized by staffers for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), a parody Twitter account for the conniving congressman in House of Cards, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), has weighed in:

[tweet https://twitter.com/Frank_Underwood/status/420986905606758400]

And for those imagining how this controversy would play out on the TV show Scandal, here’s some fan fiction. (Washington Post)

In case you were wondering, there’s a list of every URL that has ever been mentioned on Law and Order. (Jeffrey Thompson)

Need a calendar for the new year? This one has bunnies in movie-themed costumes. (Etsy)

Apparently some men like to dress up as rubber dolls. (The Daily Mail)

A long-read suggests Internet harassment may be the next civil rights issue. (Pacific Standard)