Overly Excited Price Is Right Contestant Slips, Launches Into Announcer’s Crotch

Bonus: one of the models then hugs the contestant's butt

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Watching overly enthusiastic¬†Price Is Right contestants freak out is one of modern America’s greatest pastimes. And every so often, a contestant’s excitement leads to a truly special, blissfully entertaining moment like this one. A contestant correctly guessed the price of a set of paddleboards and was so thrilled that she ran, arms outstretched, toward announcer¬†George Gray. But then she tripped on a rug, launching head-first into Gray’s crotch and sending him stumbling into some flatscreen TVs.

As all of this is happening, host Drew Carey is just giggling. Luckily, one of the models steps in to help, but then really just ends up hugging the contestant’s butt, which is just the bizarre little cherry on top of the whole ordeal.