This Beagle Is the World’s Sneakiest Chicken Nugget Thief

Sometimes you just really need a snack

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Move over, Hamburglar, there’s a new food thief in town.

When Lucy wanted some chicken nuggets, she decided to make them herself — or at least swipe the ones her owner was cooking. She didn’t let the fact that she is a beagle and lacks opposable thumbs get in the way of having some tasty treats.

In a video shot with a hidden camera, the pup’s owner catches the ridiculously clever canine helping herself to a much-needed snack. At first she tries to jump up from the kitchen island to the counter, but just can’t reach, so she masterminds a new plan, strategically pushing a chair from underneath the table so she can jump up to the counter. She hops up and heads to to the toaster oven, pulls out the tray and scores some chicken nuggets straight from the oven. Now she just needs to figure out where her owner hides the barbecue sauce.

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