Obama Disses Facebook While Meeting With Millennials

Will he be the first president to send a Snapchat?

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Here’s another sign Facebook is in trouble with teens: even President Obama knows it’s not the “cool” place to hang out online anymore.

“It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore,” said the president of teens while meeting with a group of young Americans at a cafe Friday, as reported in a crazy-fun read from Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic.

The meeting’s purpose was to talk about how the White House can get more Americans aged 18-34 to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Young people are crucial to the new health care exchanges, as they generally pay more into the system than they take out — thereby subsidizing older Americans who’ve also signed up.

Another nugget from Meyer’s post:


The president hands the baby back to its mom. The president makes eye contact with me.

“Great to see you,” says the president.

The president extends his hand while simultaneously pivoting on his right foot.

His hands grasp mine. They feel like the rough surface of your favorite baseball.

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