Pet Owl Taking Control Of Owner’s Life, Forces Her to Watch Movies She Hates

We hear his favorite thing to binge-watch is Dr. Hoo

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If you’re considering adopting an owl — which we realize you probably aren’t — you might want to pause for a moment and consider the fact that owls are apparently very overbearing and will try to control your life. Or at least, they will try to control the television and movies you consume.

That’s what 22-year-old Natasha Welch of Kent, England, is learning the hard way. She says her pet Asian brown wood owl is slowly taking over her life and, after developing specific tastes in media, has begun “forcing” her to watch movies and shows she hates, Metro reports.

His name is Haru, which is disappointing, because clearly his name should be Hoo Ivy. He developed human qualities when she began hand-rearing him as a chick, Welch says, which apparently includes being domineering, stubborn and very intent on watching Star Wars. He will also demand to spend hours watching tennis and Top Gear, neither of which appeal to Welch.

We’re not sure what his other favorite films and TV shows are, but we’ve got some guesses:

  • Dr. Hoo
  • Hoo’s the Boss
  • Hoo I Met You Mother
  • Mad About Hoo
  • Hoo’s Line Is It Anyway
  • Hoo’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  • Just Hoot Me
  • Anything in the hoo-dunnit genre
  • Horton Hears a Hoo
  • Hoo Is the Warmest Color
  • The Hoot Locker
  • American Hoo-stle
  • For Hoo-m the Bell Tolls
  • Step Up Hoo: The Streets

Can hoo believe we actually spent time coming up with those?