This Is What Life Looks Like to Your Computer Cursor

How many times do you click a day? Hint: a lot.

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Your computer mouse pointer does a lot of work for you. Navigating the depths of email inboxes, surfing the Internet, filling Excel sheets—it must be exhausting. That drudgery is documented in a new video from the Korean art collective Shinseungback Kimyonghun.

One of the members of the collective recorded everything he clicked on in a 24-hour period, a flickering array of okay buttons, check boxes, website links, file folders, and play buttons during a Big Bang Theory marathon. The video shows what life is like as your pointer, a sad existence confined to a small area of the monitor, forever unable to explore the wider world.

Set to a soundtrack of constant clicking noises, the video is hypnotic but also a little sad. It makes me imagine my cursor as an oppressed Soviet worker, endlessly laboring for me, its demanding overseer who forces it to run around the screen and throw its tiny triangular body at heavy buttons.

I’m sorry for everything I put you through, little pointer 🙁