Just Looking at This Insane PB&J Burger Will Clog Your Arteries

The PB&J Bun Burger will blow your mind -- and your diet

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Courtesy PYT

Why even pretend to be sticking to those quaint New Year’s resolutions you made more than two whole weeks ago? If you’re ready to call it quits on 6 a.m. zumba classes and flavor-free smoothies, the folks at PYT (“Home of America’s Craaaziest Burgers”) in North Philly may have just what you need to make the break official: The PB&J Bun Burger.

To create the $15 novelty, PYT begins by coating two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a sweet batter, rolling them in kettle chips, then deep frying the PB&J “buns” to perfection. Then PYT pops on a grilled, five-oz. beef patty — which has been marinating in a banana-Sriracha sauce for at least a day — topped with a generous heaping of applewood-smoked bacon. Of course, you get your waffle fries on the side, too.

“Once the new year started we decided to throw off all the new year’s resolutions and start off with a fatty burger,” PYT manager Rob Knelly told TIME. “That’s what people want.”  The estimated 2,000-calorie meal, which PYT is selling about 200 of per week, is available through the end of the month. Then you can go back to the gym.

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